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Kilauea shows no signs of…

quieting after seven weeks!

Join us and BPEarthwat as we take an airial tour of the big island. This is a compilation of footage including one of our own sources; Ikaika Marzo.


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Happy Fathers Day, 2018

Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence produced a Fathers Day greeting in keeping with the spirit of Halieus Media and we would like to share it with you, our readers. Thank you so much, Jake.

Jake did a much better job than we did today. We just have this little video preview of the not ready for prime-time Shepherd.

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The VOP brawl continues…

Well this is embarrassing…

Almost fifteen hours ago when jn14 was preparing this article, setting it to draft was forgotten. The dutiful little algorithm published a clearly, unfinished article. Achem, moving along…

“Our Aussies” on patrol with Lewis Arthur and VOP

As you can see, VOP, is heading out on patrol again. This shot is from a video produced Friday June 15, 2018 with Lewis Arthur filming and “our Aussies” ahead of him. You can see they are all carrying backpacks. Lewis has told the viewers in previous videos, you do not have to be concerned about what gear to bring, we have it here for you.

Also in this shot, clearly two “Aussies” are armed. In the view from Lewis Arthur’s perspective and the public’s, it appears another has a thigh holster strapped to his right thigh. A man carrying a clearly visible weapon, is also wearing some sort of hydration backpack.

Question: Does the state of Arizona have reciprocity laws for open carry with Australian nationals?

Halieus Media still has a dozen questions and none of them answered. A Q and A  video was published a few days ago asking the very same questions Halieus Media has asked in a previous article; the video was deleted. None of our sources have been to Tuscon or are planning to report from Tuscon. First the public was told to talk to a Pastor of the Church Lewis Arthur attends but we do not have the names of either to date. Then all journalists were told they would have to spend 7 days volunteering before Lewis would talk to them; an unrealistic demand since working journalists have other assignments, daily.

Since this is the state of things, Halieus Media produced a cut-down version of the most recent video from VOP to help the public get a feeling for what goes on on a typical day, We have produced this video as an educational tool  to help our readers and visitors decide if this is an effort they can support; both physically and financially. Jn14 still has many reservations… This twich video appears as a rebroadcast and will expire in 14 days from today, Sunday June 17, 2018.

And may be archived on Bitchute someday, if it ever gets done processing


M Lewis Arthur M on YT

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VOP: Public Charities

Due to the recent flood of cash-value, gift cards and truckloads of donated material to “Veterans on Patrol Alpha Team Pulaski (VOP) in the Tuscon Arizona area and the lack of clear, transparent information to the public; Halieus Media has done further research regarding the rules and regulations under which these types of non-profit organizations operate.

From  the Charity Navigator website we have been studying, there is a footnote on their article published April 1, 2017 titled “Charity Navigator Now Provides Basic Information for all 1.4 Million U.S. Registered Nonprofits”


*We don’t rate charities that have less than $1 million in revenue (only about 4% of all donations to the nonprofit sector each year go to charities of that smaller scale) and we are not able to rate charities that haven’t been in existence for at least 4 years. Visit the Methodology section of our site to learn more about our criteria for selecting charities to rate.”

This does not mean there is no listing, it simply means the organization Charity Navigator has not gathered enough data to give a rating. All 501(c)3 IRS tax exempt organizations are listed in their database because Charity Navigator pulls the listing information directly from the IRS Master Business Index.

Below is an INFO-graphic published by Charity Navigator detailing what the public should ask when giving non-cash donations.
Charity Navigator Infographic

Is there anyone in Southern Arizona with a similar Mission who is doing it correctly?

Yes, we believe so. No Mas Muertes, No More Deaths is a sub-organization of United Universalist Church in Tuscon, AZ. They also operate in partnership with “People Helping People” of Arivaca, Arizona. No More Deaths mission is to provide humanitarian aid to anyone in their area of operation who needs assistance including migrants both seasonal documented workers and non-legal individuals making the border crossing. They appear to be well organized, have a 14 year track record of providing humanitarian aid and provide clear information on their website. Here is an example from No More Deaths Frequently Asked Questions page:

What sort of training is provided to new volunteers?

All new volunteers must attend a Desert Aid training before working in the field. This training covers border history and the history of No More Deaths. It also explains our protocols, group agreements, legal and safety issues, and issues of power and privilege. The trainings are generally hosted in Tucson and last a full day.

Volunteers also get an orientation to the local community context of Arivaca upon arrival. However, most pertinent training is ongoing throughout your volunteer experience, for different skills such as GPS navigation and vehicle checks.

Halieus Media has bolded two key points in the Q & A above. We do not see this sort of organization, transparency and mindfulness of others right to question the legal and logistic protocols before they donate, assist, volunteer or support Veterans on Patrol Alpha Team Pulaski (VOP). What we have been allowed to see by Lewis Arthur of Veterans on Patrol, are disconnected posts alleging “evidence” of a variety of illegal activities as well as real evidence of Lewis Arthur’s verbal refusal to follow the legal and socially accepted guidelines for operating safely, securely and transparently. Moreover, we have witnessed potential evidence being compromised by untrained “volunteers” patrolling and actively looking for anything they determine is connected to illegal activities. The legal concept is called “spoliation of evidence.” There is no Federal statute defining this term, rather States rely on case law to determine what constitutes spoliation. (see Sources)

A final thought…

Any first year college student taking Anthropology 101 learns there are protocols and proceedures to investigation, preservation of artifacts and marking areas in a grid pattern for documentation. Nothing is to be touched upon discovery before a Site Supervisor is called to make an assessment and give instructions on which methods of documentation are to be employed. child-skull-pic-3

Generally, these proceedures include the following in precident order:

  • survey visually the area of your grid assignment
  • document before moving forward or side to side, everything in your field of vision on paper, in the grid you are assigned to cover
  • walk your grid assignment only, do not wander off into another area of assignment
  • upon approaching anything anomalous to the terrain; objects, ground surface anomolies, et cetera – stop
  • survey the area immediatly adjoining your supposed artifact or anomolies
  • drop a site marker, plot it on your grid, photograph what you see
  • Call for the field Supervisor or Site Supervisor

Other professions who engage in search type operations of all descriptions and catagories employ the same or similar techniques.

In the case of supervised, trained volunteer search and rescue efforts, volunteers and their dogs have gone through a massive amount of training and do not violate protocols, ever. The price they pay for violating protocols can be dismissal from the current effort all the way to being removed from consideration in all future efforts by the local supervising law enforcement.

Why did we include this piece of information? Because we want our readers and subscribers to watch the videos with a critical eye, before donating, volunteering, assisting and promoting in any way.


A much more blunt Op-Ed than ours: Revenge of the Cis


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Tuscon, VOP and Facts


Halieus Media has designated this post not safe for work. We chose this due to the subject. No graphic content is displayed in this article. We wanted to give you a heads up in case viewing this material presents a problem at work. We have not designated it #NC17 because there is no graphic content. We leave it up to you to determine at what age this material is appropriate for family discussion.

On May 29, 2018 an ad hoc group calling themselves “Veterans on Patrol – Alpha Team Pulaski” reported via their FB page they had found a “child trafficking camp.” The Tuscon Police were called to the scene and arrived within 5 minutes. The location is on the I-19 corridor with the city clearly visible just to the west of the location.

Craig “the Sawman” Sawyer was also called to come out, assess the area and give his opinion by “Lewis Arthur”, the instigator of this whole action. Let us listen to Craig Sawyer’s evaluation from a few days after his visit to this location published June 8, 2018: Continue reading