Q Proofs: or not

February 18, 2018

Update to our January 10, 2018 post on the “Q” business.


Since Halieus Media first posted information on the phenomena “Q” several changes have taken place. The reddit wiki is still going strong however; the web hosting company github.io who donated space for the screenshot repository has asked those involved to move the repository to another location. Seems they are overwhelmed by traffic and cannot serve the “Q” traffic any longer. Above is a screenshot of the front page of the former github repository. The last post was made Friday last.IMG_20180218_082238_487

It was brought to our attention yesterday via tweet, the repository has it’s own url: http://qanonposts.com. The yellow hi-lite refers to the original first “Q” post; it would be nice if that was turned into a reverse order link but we digress. The purple hi-lite shows where to find the current/newest posts by date.

This is probably the last time Halieus Media will comment on the “Q” phenomena. To be honest, too many incidents with Q, those promoting Q, the growing demand for unquestioned support has become tedious. For believers and diciples of Messiah, the demands to follow or shut-up are beyond the pale. Even Jesus did not tell His followers to put up or shut up. Fruits people; You will know them by their FRUITS!

January 10, 2018

As noted in the Q: Start Here post, using the boards where raw data is dumped can be a nightmare for a new user or those unfamiliar to the Q phenomena. @TracyBeanz has been documenting via youtube videos the daily info dumps, but the need for clear readability was not satisfied with just one information source. The board owners & Tracy have teamed up to present an easier format.

In additiion to a sub-reddit messaging system linked in the previous post, there is now a “Calm Before the Storm” wiki which can be found at www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/wiki

At the upper left, under your menuing system, you will see two links; The FAQ of Q and Proof of Q hi-lighted. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like on a desktop


The green arrow points to a speed menu and all your sub-reddit controls are in the tabbed menuing system across the top. If you are using a mobile/tablet you should “request desktop” view from your browser menu or from your sub-reddit menu hi-lighted if you wish to use the same view in Tracy’s video.

Q-reddit mobile menu

The circle with the “v” is your toggle control, clicking it will look like this:

Q subreddit mobile

Hope this helps clear up any confusion you may have experienced when watching Tracy’s videos and accessing reddit on a mobile or tablet.

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