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The Goodman McConnell Interview

Today March 22, 2018 Jason Goodman of Crowdsource The Truth interviewed Field McConnell of Abel Danger. They covered a wide range of inter-connected topics including; Senior Executive Service (SES), the email from McConnell’s sister, global pedophilia networks, the assignation of President John F. Kennedy and much more…

In the intervening two days, some information was mis-interpreted regarding the status of Kristine Marcy. Halieus Media had to make a public correction in the article posted March 20, 2018 titled, “Abel Danger: SES” For the confusion we may have contributed to, we are sincerely sorry. Apparently we were not the only ones to make that mistake as the chatrooms in both Abel Danger’s broadcast today and Jason Goodman’s broadcast, reflected. To reiterate: the term “surrendered” or “surrender” is referring to McConnell’s opinion his sister is giving up the brother-sister battle.

We thank Field McConnell and his wife, Denise McConnell for taking extra time from their time together to keep us informed. Thank you as well to Jason Goodman for a great show.

Without further blithering;



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